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When we have been overwhelmed by trauma or PTSD (especially early in life), our nervous system develops a habit of hypervigilance. Our stress response keeps playing itself out, triggering a perpetual anxiety loop and causing our body and mind to respond to small stresses as if they were big threats. The reptilian brain (responsible for preserving life) and limbic brain (responsible for emotional reactions) do not distinguish between a real or potential threat, making it easy to get locked in chronic fear, worry and tension. Even when there is no danger, the reptilian brain keeps our muscles tight and braced in case there is need to take action. We may feel perpetually on alert, constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or we may feel depressed, numb and sapped of energy. These are normal responses to living with a stressed nervous system. By

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If I could wave at my nervous system I would, but I’m too depressed and sapped of energy…

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